Whatever your training history, current ability or goal race, there is a Thrive coaching package for you. All of our coaching plans are built specifically for each athlete.



Engage with the coaching process: it works better as a collaboration, not a one way conversation. Be present during your training, don’t just punch the clock. As a Thrive athlete you are on a journey of discovery.



The experiences you have, the people you meet, the things that you learn about yourself through the sport of triathlon will spill over into the rest of your life in positive ways.



The overriding aim of Thrive Multisport is to show you how to weave the sport of triathlon into your life in a way that maximizes your sporting returns while helping you to THRIVE in a more general sense.

A very BIG thank you for all your time, advice and support over the last 6 months. You have been amazing. I feel race ready and that's all down to you!!!

The Thrive Team

Matt Edwards

Clare Thomas

Lee Wilkinson

Mark Harrison

Just wanted to thank you, not only for the training and coaching, but for all your other advice too. You've played a huge role in preparing me for this amazing opportunity. I'm ready thanks to you, I'm so excited to be representing GB!

Coaching Packages


£140 per month *

This is the package for the athlete who wants constant communication with their coach. The training / feedback loop happens on a daily basis and the coach is available for questions or discussion on a quick turnaround. This is also the best plan for you if your week is not entirely predictable for whatever reason. Additional services are also available, some at an extra cost.


£90 per month *

The Performance package is for the athlete who wants more interaction with their coach than the Team package offers. It's for somebody who wants to be able to bounce ideas off the coach and discuss progress on a regular basis by email and phone / skype.


£60 per month

This package is aimed at athletes who are good at managing themselves and simply want a robust, personalised training plan that they can work through without a huge amount of coach interaction.

* Initial setup fees apply

Single sport and bespoke plans are available. Contact us for details

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