Our approach to coaching

At Thrive we are happy to work with novices and experienced athletes alike. The coaching style may differ depending on your level of experience and the extent to which you are comfortable engaging with the coaching process. Wherever possible though, coaching is consultative rather than prescriptive process with a view to engaging the athlete as much as possible in that process.

Regardless of your experience level the coaching process always starts with the you: the athlete, your hopes and dreams and, most importantly, the landscape of your life outside the sport. It is essential to have a clear understanding of your non-sporting lifestyle - family, friends, work – before the training can be woven into that tapestry.

In the context of an athlete with heavy commitments outside the sport (and let’s be honest, there aren’t many of us who don’t fit that category!) the quality of your training has more impact on your chance of success than quantity of training. That shouldn’t be seen as a shortcut to success, because it isn’t an easy process, but it can be realistic. Alongside that focus on quality work there has to be an equivalent focus on recovery.



Whatever your training history, current ability or goal race, there is a Thrive coaching package for you. All of our coaching plans are built specifically for each athlete.



Engage with the coaching process: it works better as a collaboration, not a one way conversation. Be present during your training, don’t just punch the clock. As a Thrive athlete you are on a journey of discovery.



The experiences you have, the people you meet, the things that you learn about yourself through the sport of triathlon will spill over into the rest of your life in positive ways.



The overriding aim of Thrive Multisport is to show you how to weave the sport of triathlon into your life in a way that maximizes your sporting returns while helping you to THRIVE in a more general sense.

Just wanted to thank you, not only for the training and coaching, but for all your other advice too. You've played a huge role in preparing me for this amazing opportunity. I'm ready thanks to you, I'm so excited to be representing GB!

How it works

As a Thrive client you will enjoy the benefit of a training plan written specifically for you, taking account of your training history, life outside sport and training/racing goals.

The training plan is created and communicated to you using the excellent Training Peaks ("TP") platform. There are desktop and mobile versions of the app.

Depending on the coaching pckage that you choose you will have access to either a basic or premium TP account (Note: if you are already a TP customer then your existing account can be linked to a Thrive coach).

Your TP account is the primary means of communication between you and your Thrive coach. Full details of all of your training sessions will be shown in your TP calendar. You can even get TP to send you a daily email detailing that day's plus the following day's training.

When you have completed a training session you upload any relevant data (heart rate, pace, power etc.) from whatever device you use (Garmin, Wahoo, Suunto etc) to your TP account. TP makes this really easy by enabling you to link your TP account to Garmin, Strava and many other online platforms.

You also use your TP account to provide feedback about the session you have just completed.

At regular intervals your Thrive coach will review your training data, together with any feedback that you have left. These reviews form the basis of the periodic phone / skype discussions with your coach. The frequency of the review / discussion process depends on the coaching package that you choose.

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